Ecology ? Communities ? Traditional Knowledge Systems

 One Earth Foundation is a non-profit environmental and community service trust focused on creating and enhancing environmental awareness and positively impacting the lives of indigenous communities through various initiatives.  Supported by several organizations and volunteers, our efforts in the sectors of ecology, biodiversity & traditional wisdom are based in the ecologically & culturally sensitive regions of The Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve, the Dhauladhar ranges in the lower Himalayas, the Eastern Himalayan regions, Uttara Kannada and Odisha. 
Our work is underpinned by the core guiding principles
  • All Initiatives must lead to the Conservation of natural and cultural wealth of India 
  • Engage and involve indigenous communities in all our efforts
  • Efforts should positively impact local communities and change lives.
  • Teach, inspire and empower young minds to equip and enable them to be the future custodians of our fragile planet

For additional Information, please contact Raminder Chowdhary oneearthfdn@gmail.com +91-9008000338

How it all began

Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve & I

I first journeyed to The Nilgiris (Blue Mountains) in 1993.  They had an instant impact and were easy to fall in love with.

I was to soon realize how special this region was - home to 6 Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups, surrounded by national parks, having a forest cover of nearly 80%, the very first Biosphere Reserve of India, having the Nilgiris Mountain Railways (a World Heritage site) and later (2015) the area was to get the World Heritage site tag and a very interesting colonial past

2002 & beyond: One Earth Foundation

From 2002 till 2008, several attempts to connect with other ‘like-minded’ organizations and conduct varied ecological and tribal welfare projects either failed or met with limited success.  Hence, the need to start my own trust.

One Earth Foundation was set up in 2008 with the simple objective to conserve and preserve our natural wealth and cultural heritage.

A beautiful journey unfolded, helped by many along the way and one that took us to regions like the Kangra Valley, the Western Sikkim region, Chilka lake, Uttara Kannada, The mountains of Uttarakhand, Eravikulam National Park, the temperate rainforests of Tasmania and others. Our initiatives were in varied sectors like TKS preservation, water, soil health, special needs children, ecological education...