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Clean Forest Warriors


The pristine forest near Yeddapalli littered with garbage

High school students from a leading school of Chennai visited The Nilgiris on an ecological / adventure outbound trip.  On the very first day One Earth Foundation organized a acclimatization walk from the Bandomai road to Yeddapalli village.  The students noticed that the breath taking forests on this area were being polluted with illegal garbage dumping by local residents, tourists, etc.  The problem was severe and needed some action.  They volunteered to team up and clean up as much as they could.  On day 3, a bus load of students armed with gloves and large garbage bags descended on the piles of plastic and glass garbage.  In 5 hours 750 Kilos of garbage was collected.  

The Nilgiris is ecologically very sensitive as it has among the highest forest covers in the country and is a Biosphere reserve.  The flora and fauna of this region is unique and many species are endemic to the region.  The rampant and mostly unplanned development, an apathetic civil administration indifferent local population along with the high influx of “trash” tourists means that our roads, villages, and forests are rapidly turning into garbage dumps.  THIS MUST STOP

We thank the visiting students for their efforts and action.  SHAME on the residents of Yeddapalli, Bandomai, the tourists who litter as they travel and the administration who turn a blind eye to this huge problem.


Our students at the joDSCN8445

Never ending heaps of garbage

Sacks and sacks filled

Ready for collection and disposal

Ready for collection and disposal

Loaded and the job successfully done

Loaded and the job successfully done

Clean Nilgiris My Pride is an initiative of One Earth Foundation to rid the pristine forests and peripheral areas of illegally dumped garbage.  We are supported in this initiative by the local students of Nilgiris and students who visit us from across India and the world.  For additional information, please contact

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