Clean Water and Health


Daily hardship to find water 


The growing population in India and lack of a long term policy framework have caused tremendous strain on the availability and quality of drinking water across the country.  Most natural water sources are contaminated by sewage and agricultural chemicals runoffs and piped water distribution system suffers from gross inefficiencies.  World Bank estimates that 21% of all communicable diseases in India are related to unsafe drinking water and diarrhoea alone causes around 2,000 deaths per day.  Remote hill communities are worst hit due to absence of piped water, difficult terrain, lack of storage facilities and erratic rain patterns.


Water pipes broken by Indian Gaur and elephants

Primitive Tribal families residing in remote villages with little or no access to clean water.  They walk long distances to collect water from stagnant sources with high contamination.  We aim to reach out to all communities residing in the Nilgiris that do not have access to water distributed through panchayat or municipal delivery systems

One Earth Foundation’s Clean Water & Health project aims to provide clean and safe drinking water to families residing in remote hill villages.  Our focus is on teh steep slopes of Western Ghats where distribution through pipes is difficult and storage facilities are non-existent.