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Clean Water for Tribal Communities

The state of water tanks in Tribal areas

Vellaricombai, a small hamlet with about 30 residents, rests on the steep slopes of the Nilgiris mountains.  The Primitive Tribal Group – Kurumbas, have called it home for millenia.  The Kurumbas have traditionally practiced art, medicine and music.  These traditional knowledge systems are rapidly dying.  One Earth Foundation with the help of supporting Schools and their students endeavors to create awareness about these traditional systems and runs a project set up to revive the art form of the Kurumbas.

On our visit to the village, we found that the only source of water was a tank that did not have any cover and hence water was contaminated (see pic above).  The local authorities had not cleaned the tank for a very long time.  As an immediate relief, One Earth Foundation with the help of students from Bangalore provided the villagers with a PP cover after having the tank cleaned.  However, a more permanent solution was needed.  It was decided to fix a steel mesh on the tank metal frame to prevent leaves, animal droppings, etc from falling in.  The project was successfully implemented in early Dec. by students from Bangalore.  GREAT WORK BY THE STUDENTS

The metal frame on which the mesh was to be fixed

The water tank located in thick forest near an elephant corridor

The work in progress

A full days work


One Earth Foundation works towards the conservation and preservation of the immense natural and cultural wealth of the Nilgiris region in South India.  For additional information, please contact

Raminder Chowdhary

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