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Community Action by students at Nilgiris

The team that prepared the Kitchen Garden at Attadi (PUMS)

Having participated in the  “Teach, inspire & motivate” community action project by One Earth Foiundation in July 2011, our 11th grade students from a leading IG / ICSE Bangalore school were back again to give a face lift to the  panchayat schools in Nilgiris.  The 2 days of interaction with the village schools in July 2011 gave them a better understanding of education in rural India and the challenges faced by communities in hill regions and all were enthusiastic to give a helping hand.  Their dedication and conviction was evident from the moment they reached Coonoor.  The students had raised funds in Bangalore through the sale and promotion of Kurumbas art products and had diligently planned the projects that needed execution in the 2 Panchayat schools.  A materials procurement team set out on the 12th  Feb. evening to the market and the rest planned the next days activities.  The time on hand was short and the projects that needed their attention were many.  They decided to focus on the following:

Create a kitchen garden  at Attadi Panchayat Union Middle School (PUMS), fence it and plant it with vegetables to be used by students as a supplement to their mid day meals.  In addition, the garden will be looked after by the school students thereby providing them with tremendous learning about  organic kitchen gardening.

Paint a classroom, the school gate and pillars, the front walls and give a much needed face lift to the school appearance

At Denalai PUMS, the students set out to clear the entire land beside the steps leading upo to the school and planting flowers and medicinal herbs.  In addition, they also wanted to build a gate to protect the existing kitchen garden from village cattle.

Here are the pictures of their tremendous achievement

OEF: The front wall (before)

OEF: The front wall (after)

OEF: The classroom (before)

OEF: The classroom (after)

OEF: The school backyard (before)

OEF: The organic kitchen garden

OEF: Denalai PUMS - The side area (before)

OEF: The side area (after)

OEF: The gate at Denalai

OEF: The Denalai School


One Earth Foundation works towards the conservation and preservation of the immense natural and cultural wealth of the Nilgiris region in South India.  For additional information, please contact

Raminder Chowdhary



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  1. what an amazing effort….getting the youth involved in the reality of remote Nilgiris, a region rarely visited by us Indians.

    Every student will one day contribute so much from his experience.

    Wish you all the best, Raminder!!!

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