Eco Workshops – 2010

During the year, One Earth Foundation, organized numerous workshops and interactive sessions at schools and institutions within and outside the Nilgiris.  The themes have been numerous ranging from Global warming & climate change, Water crisis, rural communities – health & nutrition, Tribes & forests of India, etc yet the underlying objectives have been to

  • connect minds with nature and the challenges our planet faces
  • to inspire and motivate our students to engage in community & social programs.

The response has been overwhelming and we owe our gratitude to school / institution managements and students.  We are particularly pleased with the participation of students during these sessions and their insightful queries & comments.
Friends, we need your help to spread this initiative, contact us and we look forward to interacting with you at your school or institution.

For additional information please contact

Raminder Chowdhary
One Earth Foundation

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