The children who we support

The children of marginalized communities

Children from scheduled tribes, indigenous communities or from special needs groups do not have fair access to good primary and middle school education.  Economic and gender marginalization is rampant and needs to be addressed rapidly.  The key issue of insufficient effective access of the poor to primary education persists across India and is more prevalent in hill districts.

Children queue up for mid-day meal

The mid-day meal

One Earth Foundation’s Educare project aims to provide financial, textbook, uniforms & shoes, sweaters and stationary support to children of families who most need it.    Also provide support to RHPS for clean drinking water, food supplements to mid day meals, black boards and other basic teaching aids, painting classrooms, providing sports equipment, setting up small children’s play parks, building toilets, providing utensils and storage bins for mid-day meal kitchens, reference books, floor mats, repairs of roofs, etc .