Enviro Reach

Engage, Involve and Impact

One Earth Foundation reaches out to indigenous communities, village school children and special needs groups to create and enhance awareness about environmental issues and to positively impact their day to day lives.
  • We engage and involve students from over 15 panchayat schools in the Nilgiris to create and enhance awareness towards key ecological and environmental issues
  • Support several eco-initiatives in the Nilgiris.
  • Foster environmental stewardship at the village level through our “My Village, My Pride” initiative
  • Reach out to remote tribal villages providing the basic necessities like clean drinking water, shelter, etc

PUMS – Eco Warriors

A Panchayat Union Middle School (PUMS) collaboration endeavour

Nurturing the young generation for a brighter tomorrow

In the breath-taking mountainous region of Nilgiris (Tamil Nadu), The Panchayat Union Middle Schools (PUMS) serve children from remotely located small hamlets.  Usually, home to 20 – 40 students with 1 – 3 teachers these schools are located in ecologically sensitive zones that are under tremendous threat. Unsustainable development practices, degradation of forests & deforestation, unsustainable high volume tourism, intensive farming practices, etc., all threaten this fragile ecosystem.

There is need to create awareness, preserve & protect.

PUMS – Eco-Warriors:  The project has been executed in collaboration with various PUMS across the Nilgiris district in Tamil Nadu and aimed to

  • create awareness about the ecological wealth and significance of the region,
  • nurture a sense of pride, and
  • inculcate a feeling of environmental stewardship

This was accomplished through various workshops, lectures and activities conducted both inside and outside the classroom.  

My Village My Pride

The Green Champions

Village children as agents for change

The Green Champions

My Village, My Pride – an initiative by One Earth Foundation, aims to create and sustain a strong environmental stewardship ethic among young minds at the grassroots levels in the ecologically sensitive region of the Nilgiris (South India).  By working with children (Green Champions) and focusing our efforts and initiatives in their villages, we endeavour to sow the seeds of change within each home and bring about a generational change in thinking towards the conservation of natural environment and responsible use of its limited resources.  We believe, that it no longer suffices to merely spread awareness – it is imperative that we establish a whole new ethic of stewardship in the minds and hearts of the next generation – the future custodians of our fragile planet.

At the village level and working hand in glove with the Panchayat schools, we seek to engage and involve children (Green Champions) in exploring, identifying and coming up with practical and environmentally friendly solutions to varied eco-challenges in their immediate neighbourhood.  My Village, My Pride aims to enlighten, motivate and empower village children to be eco-crusaders and work towards making their very own village more environment-friendly.   This will be achieved by:

  • Setting up an Environment Resource & Activity Center within the village.
  • Engaging Village children to identify core environmental threats and challenges in their neighbourhoods.  Formulating and executing practical and effective projects to address these challenges.
  • The door to door campaigns creating awareness of the core challenges leading to community engagement, planning & action.
  • To promote Organic Kitchen Gardens (OKG’s) &  herbal gardens at the home and composting units at the village level.
  • Exposing children to other similar “green” initiatives within the Nilgiris.
  • Expanding the above home/village level initiatives to other neighbouring villages and forming enviro-friendly clusters.


Using Youth power to preserve the pristine eco-sensitive forests

During our ecological treks and field trips through the scenic and ecologically sensitive regions in India, we were faced with a disturbing sight – the vast amounts of trash that littered these areas.  It was becoming evident that dumping of wastes in forests had intensified with an increasing number of people visiting forests for various reasons. Impact on biodiversity, soil and groundwater quality was evident.

Prakruti had its beginnings in 2009 and aimed to conduct cleaning drives in forest areas and buffer zones around them polluted with garbage, mainly plastic and glass. Informal chats and workshops were held with communities that resided on the periphery of these forests.  The local area students, people from native communities and visiting students were our soldiers in this campaign. A key outcome was the cultivation of a sense of ownership and environmental stewardship among those who participated.

Last Drop
Everyone deserves clean water

An initiative to provide clean drinking water to remote villages in Nilgiris

Most of the villages in Nilgiris, situated on the steep jagged edges of the Ghats are extremely remote and with poor access. Water is scarce, water harvesting absent, chemical farming widespread, large mammals are in large numbers and there are few panchayats provided water storage facilities. The problem was evident

  1. Natural water sources were scarce and when tested had bacteria, viruses, parasite, and fungi
  2. Large mammals damaged water pipes frequently and funds for repair are usually not readily available
  3. Finally, most pumps set up to provide water from valleys were rarely in working condition.  The storage tanks were found to be contaminated.

Last Drop project was born in 2011 wherein visiting urban school students and local volunteers were our foot soldiers and this initiative had 3 aspects to it.

  1. Creating awareness through a door to door drives on clean water, need to conserve & harvest
  2. Cleaning water storage tanks and covering them with mesh.  Repairing damaged pipes
  3. Providing water filters


Mission Blue

An initiative among youth to create awareness and conduct campaigns to clean water bodies

India’s rivers, our nation’s lifeblood are facing a crisis.  As per Central Pollution Control Board, over half of our rivers are polluted.  This number more than doubled in the last 5 years. Sewage, unplanned development, polluting industries, climate change are some of the main culprits.  Awareness of this and its possible effects is low.

Mission Blue was initiated in 2012 with its first-ever clean drive conducted with 40+ students in and around Raliah water reserve in Upper Coonoor (Tamil Nadu). Local volunteers, NGO’s visiting tourists and students have enthusiastically participated in this initiative over the past 6 years.

Working with village schools


Raminder Chowdhary with school children

Special Needs Groups

My Village, My Pride – Our Green Champions at work

For further information on our  initiatives under the Enviro Reach program, please contact

Raminder Chowdhary