Mission Blue

Mission Blue

An initiative among youth to create awareness and conduct campaigns to clean water bodies

India’s rivers, our nation’s lifeblood are facing a crisis.  As per Central Pollution Control Board, over half of our rivers are polluted.  This number more than doubled in the last 5 years. Sewage, unplanned development, polluting industries, climate change are some of the main culprits.  Awareness of this and its possible effects is low.

Mission Blue was initiated in 2012 with its first-ever clean drive conducted with 40+ students in and around Raliah water reserve in Upper Coonoor (Tamil Nadu). Local volunteers, NGO’s visiting tourists and students have enthusiastically participated in this initiative over the past 6 years.

Working with village schools


Raminder Chowdhary with school children

Special Needs Groups

My Village, My Pride – Our Green Champions at work

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