Using Youth power to preserve the pristine eco-sensitive forests

During our ecological treks and field trips through the scenic and ecologically sensitive regions in India, we were faced with a disturbing sight – the vast amounts of trash that littered these areas.  It was becoming evident that dumping of wastes in forests had intensified with an increasing number of people visiting forests for various reasons. Impact on biodiversity, soil and groundwater quality was evident.

Prakruti had its beginnings in 2009 and aimed to conduct cleaning drives in forest areas and buffer zones around them polluted with garbage, mainly plastic and glass. Informal chats and workshops were held with communities that resided on the periphery of these forests.  The local area students, people from native communities and visiting students were our soldiers in this campaign. A key outcome was the cultivation of a sense of ownership and environmental stewardship among those who participated.

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Raminder Chowdhary