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Experiential Field trips to Himalayas

                                 Experiential Field trips to Himalayas

                      The Western Ghats – a treasure trove of learning

Experiential Field trips to enchanting Goa

                                   The Andamans & Goa – Moments that matter


Travel, Explore, Experience & Impact

One Earth Foundation is a leader in educational travel for students.  We aim to connect young minds with the immense natural wealth and cultural heritage of our country.  Under our Enviro Trips initiative, we organize outbound field trips for students from leading IB, IGCSE and CBSE schools from across India and overseas.  Our experiential field excursions are customized, theme based and  can be aligned with curriculum of the participating students and most of all – are challenging and inspiring. Our handpicked destinations include the

  • Dhauladhar Ranges in the Himalayas 
  • Magnificent national parks and spectacular beaches of Goa
  • The Blue Mountains (Nilgiris) in Western Ghats
  • The breath-taking Andamans
  • more to come…..
The These are typically 3 – 7 day camps where our students explore the natural surroundings and engage with the cultural diversity of the region.  As our trips are theme based, we could cover one or more topics / projects during the trip. Our topics / projects are of 2 types:

a) Environmental / ecological and 

b) Community / social development 

All our projects focus on interaction and participation and are very hands on.  We encourage students to question their actions and their impacts. It also teaches them to plan and reflect at all stages of a project. Finally, our approach emphasizes experiential learning.  Some of the areas in which our participating students engage are:
  • Tribes, tribals & Livelihoods 
  • Traditional Knowledge Systems and the need for revival
  • Tribal Arts & Crafts
  • The floristic diversity of the Himalayas
  • Organic & Bio-dynamic farming: Community health & Nutrition
  • Village Schools:  Teach, Inspire and Mentor
  • The lost Tibetan culture
  • Special Needs Groups:  Impacting lives
  • Biodiversity & Conservation
  • Geography projects like soil testing, river study, etc
  • Tools of Forest Mensuration
  • GIS: Theory, practice & applications for students
  • Nature & Wildlife Photography
  • Environmental & Wildlife Laws in India
  • Introduction to Astronomy
  • Radio Astronomy
Some images of our camps are given below
The Himalayas

                                The Magnificent Himalayas

                                      Learning Tribal Kurumbas Art

             Ecological Trek to The Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve

         Our students at a Panchayat School (a mural for all times)

                   Clean Forests Campaign:  Caring for our forests

The Dhauladhar peak

                            The mighty Dhauladhar peak (Himalayas)


           Students participate in an Intensive farming study group

                         The Ecology of Nilgiris: Study group


                               Enchanting Goa – Dudhsagar Falls

Old Goa day trip

                                                     Old Goa day trip

                              Organic farming: Hands on training

                                            Tribal Study Group

The spectacular train ride in Goa

                               The spectacular train ride in Goa


                       Indigenous people and livelihood challenges

                Panchayat Schools in Rural India: Study group

             Forest Management techniques:  outdoors workshop

A tribal village survey
                                        A Tribal Village Survey

One Earth Foundation


One Earth Foundation


For further information about our Enviro Trips program and your school and students can participate, please contact

Raminder Chowdhary