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One Earth Foundation is a leader in educational travel for students.  We aim to connect young minds with the immense natural wealth and cultural heritage of our country.  Under our Enviro Trips initiative, we organize outbound field trips for students from leading IB, IGCSE and CBSE schools from across India and overseas.  Our experiential field excursions are customized, theme-based and can be aligned with the curriculum of the participating students and most of all - are challenging and inspiring.

Enviro Trips™ Destinations

Our inspiring student trips are conducted in handpicked locations in 3 geological regions of India opening up a World of learning possibilities for our participants.   For your quick reference, our current inspiring destinations are;

The Mid Himalayan ranges

1.The Magnificent Eastern Himalayas – Sikkim

2.The Kangra valley (Dhauladhar and Shivalik ranges) in Himachal Pradesh

3.Kaudia Ranges in Uttarakhand

The Western Ghats

1.The Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve in Tamil Nadu

2.Uttara Karnataka – The natural Jurassic Park

3.Eravikulam National park - Kerala

The Wetlands of India

1.The Chilka Lake region of Odisha (seasonal)

2.The tidal halophytic mangrove forests of Sundarbans

(Both these trips only offered from Nov till early March due to weather conditions.  Also, these are ideally suited for 14 - 18-year-old students).

Inspiring Overseas Destinations

  1. Wild & Adventurous Africa (Tanzania)
  2. Scenic & challenging  Australia (Victoria & Tasmania)

Our activities and topics are very hands-on and engaging.  The content is customized and every trip is theme based on 1 or more topics.  We look forward to hearing from you and getting the opportunity to engage your students in our exciting and inspiring educational journeys.

These are typically 3 - 7-day camps where our students explore the natural surroundings and engage with the cultural diversity of the region.  As our trips are theme based, we could cover one or more topics/projects during the trip. Our topics/projects are of 2 types:
a) Environmental/ecological and 

b) Community / social development 

All our projects focus on interaction and participation and are very hands on.  We encourage students to question their actions and their impacts. It also teaches them to plan and reflect at all stages of a project. Finally, our approach emphasizes experiential learning.  Some of the areas in which our participating students engage are:
  • Tribes, tribals & Livelihoods 
  • Traditional Knowledge Systems and the need for revival
  • Tribal Arts & Crafts
  • The floristic diversity of the Himalayas
  • Organic & Bio-dynamic farming: Community Health & Nutrition
  • Village Schools:  Teach, Inspire and Mentor
  • The lost Tibetan culture
  • Special Needs Groups:  Impacting lives
  • Biodiversity & Conservation
  • Geography projects like soil testing, river study, etc
  • Tools of Forest Mensuration
  • GIS: Theory, practice & applications for students
  • Nature & Wildlife Photography
  • Environmental & Wildlife Laws in India
  • Introduction to Astronomy
  • Radio Astronomy

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