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Ethno-medicinal system of the Nilgiri Tribes


The forest trek to learn sources of indigenous medicines

Students from a leading Bangalore school attended a workshop on Ethno-medicinal systems of Nilgiri Tribes organized by One Earth Foundation.  The objectives were to sensitize students to tribal communities and their unique knowledge systems and to highlight the need to preserve such indigenous knowledge.   The activities that are covered in this day study modules were:

  1. Visit and survey of tribal communities (those still using medicinal plants for cures and healing)
  2. A trek into an evergreen forest at around 4000 ft. above MSL to explore sources of ingredients used in the preparation of tribal medicines
  3. A visit to a medicinal plants nursery having over 60 species and studying their uses
  4. A hands on session in the preparation of 2 medicines used for common ailments.

The students and accompanying teachers were exceptionally participative and enthusiastic.  During the forest trek they crossed a running stream and could not resist jumping into it.  All in all, a great days work and fun while learning.  Let us all join hands in the efforts to preserve the vast knowledge that our tribes and indigenous communities hold.

One Earth Foundation

The beginning of the trek


The thick forest and stream that we crossed during the trek

Medicinal Plants Nursary

Medicinal Plants Nursery

Learning about tribes and their ethno-medicinal systems

Learning about tribes and their ethno-medicinal systems

The preparation of medicines.

The preparation of medicines.



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