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Ethnobotanical Study of Nilgiri tribes

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Ethnobotanical study of the Nilgiri tribes

Ethnobotanical Studies of the tribes of Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu

Ethnobotanical study is of immense importance with medical science.  India is one of the twelve mega-biodiversity countries of the World having rich vegetation with a wide variety of plants with medicinal value. India is also home to the World’s largest tribal population with rich and vibrant traditional knowledge systems. Most tribal communities have immense knowledge of  herbal medicines that have good value in treating many diseases including infectious diseases, hypertension, etc. That they can save lives of many, particularly in the developing countries, is well proven. Rural people not only depend on wild plants as sources of food, fodder and fuel, but have also developed advance medicinal uses from native plants.

This challenging and exciting ethnobotanical field study project by One Earth Foundation, is a 2 day module that explores the medicinal knowledge systems and practices of some of the tribes of Nilgiris.  IB & IG students undertaking coursework in various subjects like Geography, sociology, EVM, CAS, etc will find this an exceptionally rewarding field initiative.  The 2 day module will cover

  • Treks into native forest to understand sources of tribal medicine
  • Tribal guides will share their wisdom with participating students
  • Tribal medicinal belief systems will be explored through interactions and surveys
  • Preparation of  tribal medicine
  • Uses of traditional medicines
  • Creating awareness and encouraging use

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Raminder Cowdhary

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