Field Burning in The Nilgiris

Glen Morgan (Nilgiris) - 7 Jan., 2011

The practice of field burning by farmers  in the Nilgiris is on the rise.  Most farmers see this as an easy way to clear their farms of plant and crop residue to prepare their lands for the next crop.  We found that some even believe this helps crop yields and reduces the need to use chemicals for pest control.

Field Burning must stop.

This burning creates a concentrated plume of smoke and can cause serious environmental and health effects.  Although burning is conducted for short durations, the lingering cloud adversely affects air quality in neighbouring communities leading to and aggravating breathing disorders. In addition, the levels of CO2 rise dramatically in the region.
Organizations working with farmers in the region need to conduct periodic educational campaigns on the ill-effects of field burning and demolish long standing myths about its benefits. One Earth Foundation strongly endorses the practice of converting this “waste” biomass into organic manure.

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