Sustainable Living and Learning Centre

By One Earth Foundation


Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man.

– Stewart Udall

The SSLC will provide Earth-based, immersive, educational experiences for all ages aiming to deepen our relationship with ourselves and the natural world, towards more sustainable lifestyles and communities.



The Sustainable Living & Learning Center (SSLC) is proposed as a vibrant complex – housing an organic/biodynamic farm, a resource cum educational center (covering areas of energy, water, organic practices, Traditional Knowledge Systems, habitat & wellbeing) with classroom, multimedia and sustainable technologies display facilities, Eco huts complex and offices.  Local & visiting students, farmers & local communities and general visitors will be encouraged to explore, feel and experience sustainable agricultural practices and practical green technologies. We firmly believe that by creating awareness about and promoting adoption of “sustainable” technologies and lifestyles, we can foster a culture of stewardship in which people are inspired to conserve and protect the natural world around them.

Project Vision:

To promote the sustainable use of the earth’s resources through education, demonstration, and practice

Project Mission:

To foster a sense of stewardship towards our fragile planet through educational & community engagement initiatives and experiential learning programs that promote sustainable living. Through our educational initiatives and workshops, participants envision, develop, and enrich their own sustainability ethic, and learn the skills they need to put it into practice.  Our focus is on agriculture & food supply, energy, waste, water, habitat & wellbeing and tradition knowledge systems and their relevance to today’s issues.

Project Objectives:

·        SLLC will encourage students, visitors and the community to adopt sustainable lifestyle choices to make a positive difference to the environmental sustainability of the region.

·        SLLC will provide an attractive place of environmental excellence where all visitors will see sustainability in action; have access to experts and plenty of opportunities to develop their own knowledge, interests and understanding.

·        SLLC will develop strong partnerships with business and community-based stakeholders to secure SLLC’s financial independence and future existence.

·        SLLC will provide value-for-money to funding bodies to maintain SLLC’s credibility and their respect.

·     SLLC will continually review and improve its administrative systems to ensure a stable administrative foundation on which to build the Centre’s operations.

The Board, Management & staff of SLLC will be committed to:

·         Adopting and promoting best practice in environmental sustainability

·         Conducting our work ethically, honestly and transparently

·         Providing value for sponsors’ and supporters’ investment

·         Fulfilling our duty of care to employees, volunteers and the public.

Geography and significance

The SLLC is planned in a suitable location in either of the 2 biodiversity hotspots of

The Western Ghats:  Running along the entire west coast of India, the mountains of the Western Ghats are no snow-peaked Himalayas. But what they lack in height they make up for in biodiversity, harbouring an impressive array of India’s wildlife.

The Himalayas:  This region is home to the world’s highest mountains, including Mt. Everest. The mountains rise abruptly, resulting in a diversity of ecosystems that range from alluvial grasslands and subtropical broadleaf forests to alpine meadows above the treeline.   Within this vast region, we are actively scouting for a suitable location in the Eastern Himalayas state of Sikkim.

Project Outline

The SLLC project envisaged consists of mainly three major parts.

  1. The Sustainable Living Resource Center (SLRC)

    1. Indoor Resource Learning Centre (IRLC)

    2. Green Technology Display Centre

    3. Outdoor Experiential Learning Facility

  2. Administrative offices

  3. Accomodation facilities