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I am special -Celebrating our children. A short film.

Our Day Care Center Children  (Aravenu, Nilgiris)

Our Day Care Center Children (Aravenu, Nilgiris)

I am special – is a short (7 mins)  film on the lives and joys of our special children.  Please click on the link below and remember to share 

I am Special: A film

Is there a child who does not dream of being counted and having her or his gifts and talents recognized?  All children have hope and dreams – including those with disabilities.  And all children deserve a fair chance to make their dreams real.

In developing countries, special needs children born to economically poor families have a harsh and challenging existence.  For such children the opportunities to participate simply do not exist.  They are the objects simply of pity and worse, of discrimination and abuse.

With your support, One Earth Foundation reaches out and provides day care facilities to many such children in the remote regions of the Nilgiri Hills (South India).  Thank You

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