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IGCSE & ICSE students on a tribal study excursion

Planting a native species at Bikkapathi Mund

IGCSE and ICSE students of 9th grade from Bangalore participated in a 3 days camp to study the tribes of Nilgiris, their inter-relationships and present day livelihood challenges. One Earth Foundation set up campat Coonoor for this group of 50 enthusiastic students accompanied by 4 senior and very supportive teachers and planned intensive 3 day activities within the Nilgiris region.

The group had the opportunity to trek & visit 2 Toda tribal hamlets in the upper regions of Nilgiris and conduct surveys and interviews for their study.  In addition, to highlight the significance of spatial distribution of tribes in this region and its impact on inter tribal relationships, a trek to an Alu Kurumba tribal hamlet in the lower elevation of the Nilgiris was conducted.  Here again surveys and interviews were conducted by our students.

One Earth Foundation also organized 2 ecological treks as there were many keen trekkers and hikers in this group.  One of these was in the Avalanche / Emerald region and the other was in the Upper Bhawani area bordering the Mukurthi National park.  Our key objective was to highlight the ecological threats to this very sensitive region and also to connect our young minds with the natural wealth and beauty of Nilgiris.

Students were also given an opportunity to visit a very special Panchayat school attended by orphans where  they intereacted with the headmaster and students to understand the rural educational setup and challenges faced by such special neds groups.

Upper Bhawani

On the way to Kolithorai - a Kurumbas hamlet

At a Panchayat School

Interaction with Todas

A scenic trek to see the Kurunji (Strbilantes) flower in full bloom

Taking shelter during our trek in a Kurumba hut

Meals on the road


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    I also would like to join one of group for visit this beautiful place of nilgiris. pls keep me informed about your plans regarding next troop planning.

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  3. Hai sir
    I really love your research and photos.I am from pathways world school,gurgaon.We also like to do this kind of project..but our only problem is transport.We have big number of students and i worrying about how can i take my students to Niligirs…
    DO U HAVE ANY IDEA??????

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