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Mercy Home: a shelter for orphans & abandoned children

Mercy Home residents

Project Umeed

Mercy Home in Coonoor is a small 2 room house that provides shelter, education and most of all love and a feeling of belonging to 14 young orphans or abandoned children (ages 5 to 13).  A local independent church pastor, his wife Mrs. Vinitha and their 2 small children have opened their home and “adopted” 14 other children who are either orphans

Mercy Home in Coonoor

or abandoned by their parents due to economic reasons.   The pastor’s family occupies 1 room and the 14 children are lovingly accommodated in the other small bedroom and living hall.  We commend the efforts of this family and pledge to help them in whatever way we can.

One Earth Foundation lends support to several special needs groups in the Nilgiris under its initiative Umeed and this is possible by the contributions we receive from our participating students & their parents, school managements and all our friends.  Your gifts of clothes, books, food supplies, stationary, etc ends up in homes like this one and go a long way to support and sustain such efforts.  Our heartfelt thanks to all who have taken the effort and initiative to collect and send us their contributions.

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