Our Children’s Home

Our Children’s Home

Millions of beautiful children around the world have lost their parents, have been abandoned or come from extremely destitute homes where they cannot get basic care and love. Just imagine what it’s like to have no one to care for you at such a tender age. Many young children in remote and economically backward hill communities like the Nilgiris face a similar fate and seeing this need,

One Earth Foundation under its Umeed initiative has set up a sponsorship programs to reach out and help children with the very basics of life to replace the love, support and protection normally provided by parents. At Umeed, we believe that every child is entitled to equality and the welfare of any child without parents or guardians is the responsibility of all of us.

Through our Child sponsorship we aim to create a network of partners, who in the long-term help build a self-reliant and sustainable community that brings out the best in every child. Sponsor a Child! Your nominal contribution addresses issues that promote the overall development of the child. Sponsored children are provided a loving and caring environment to grow up in, quality education, basic healthcare and most of all a chance to grow up with dignity.

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