Reaching out to remote village schools

Panchayat schools, remotely located in the Nilgiri hills are nurturing the future custodians of our fragile planet and environment.  It is our firm belief that these young minds will one day grow up to take charge of their communities & surroundings and it is our duty to ensure that they are well equipped with knowledge, skills and most of all the determination to make the right choices.
At One Earth Foundation we reach out, interact and engage these students  to teach and learn from them the significance of the natural wealth in their surroundings and the need to conserve and protect.  We also encourage visiting students from urban schools to teach, learn, inspire and mentor these students through our Enviro Trips programs.

Here is our target – to reach out to over 70 village schools (approx. 4000+ students) in 2011.

We need your help and support

Join us in our efforts.

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