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Sampling, Biodiversity Index, Forestry tools & their applications

Sampling & Forest Mensuration tools - GPS Densitometer, Soil testing, Clinometer, etc

Ecological sampling methods, Biodiversity index measurements and the use of forestry tools and

An Outdoors study session

their varied applications is an exciting field module offered by One Earth Foundation (OEF)for students ofIBDPandAS/A level.  This Challenging day module is conducted in the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve in the varied forest cover types of that region.Some of the topics covered in our program are

Quadrat random sampling in varied forest and land cover types
Varied methods of ecological sampling and their applications
GPS and its uses
Geographic Information Systems – an introduction
Clinometer and its practical application in forestry work
GRS Densitometer and its uses
Soil types and Soil Ph testing

Shola Forest Floristic Sampling study group

This is an outdoors, hands on and practical module ideally developed for geography and environmental studies  students of varied curriculum.  It will involve medium difficulty treks, independent and team field work, field data collection and analysis and an exposure to the real world of forestry management tools & techniques.

Floristic Sampling in a Pine Forest - 7000 ft. above MSL

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