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Save Kamaraj Sagar Lake – Nilgiris

My Nilgiris, My Pride

(A Campaign by One Earth Foundation)

Our campaign aims at highlighting specific, urgent and compelling local threats to the fragile ecology of Nilgiris and reaches out to members of civil society, academia and administration who can, if they choose to, make a difference.  No committees, workshops or charters – plain, practical action engaging local minds and hands

The Spectacular Kamaraj Sagar Lake in all its glory

Many of us remember the Kamaraj Sagar  near Ooty as a calm and serene lake nestled against the backdrop of rolling hills and forests.  Its waters shimmering in sunlight during the day and changing colours as the Sun approaches the horizon.  As one walked along its pristine shores, the silence was at times broken by the splashing of fish that jumped out of its waters.   The Kamaraj of today has a very different story to tell – one of utter abuse and neglect.

Shame on us!

Kamaraj's shores are littered endlessly

One Earth Foundation

One Earth Foundation

We aim not to shame or blame the ever increasing number of littering tourists, apathetic and unresponsive  civil administration or the civil society & academia that does precious little.

Bottomline is – the shores of Kamaraj need to be cleaned NOW and kept that way going forward.

We ask the Forest Dept. and civil authorities to

  1. Engage the local community, students and NGO’s to initiate a Clean Kamaraj drive,
  2. Repair the fence along NH 67 from Thalaikunda till Kamaraj Sagar Dam,
  3. Place warning boards  at several spots along NH 67 declaring the area as restricted and that trespassers will be punished,
  4. fine heavily the taxi operators who ferry tourists and guide them to this ecologically sensitive area, and finally
  5. Patrol the area on weekends and during tourist season to ensure that littering tourists are kept away and offenders fined (on the spot)

Let’s ask ourselves:  If not us, who.  If not now, when.

Raminder Chowdhary
One Earth Foundation



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