School trip to study the changing lifestyle of the Toda Tribe


A typical Toda dogle

Nilgiris is home to numerous tribes among which are the primitive pastoral community of the Todas. Before British colonisation, the Todas coexisted with the other tribes like the Kotas, Badagas and Kurubas . Their nomadic, pastoral heritage has been replaced by settlements in the Nilgiris due to destruction and disappearance of grasslands. Our educational trips took a group of students up to their hamlet to study the changing lifestyle of the tribe. They live in small hamlets called minds and are built of bamboo fastened with rattan and thatched. Small entrances are characteristic of the Toda dogies (huts) and protect the family from wild animals. The outside is usually decorated beautifully with tribal murals. 



Learning about the Toda tribe from one of the tribal women


Unfortunately, the Todas have not adapted their culture and customs to the changing environment of competition, exploitation and development. Their rights have been usurped and their economic conditions are affecting. Enviro Trips™ and One Earth Foundation have been working toward raising awareness and aiding in whatever way we can. 


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