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Enviro Trips Sustainability focused field trip

Enviro Trips SustainabilityClean city and campaigning in Nilgiris (1)

Greetings from Enviro Trips™ : Leaders in quality educational travel

The health parameters of our fragile planet are at critical levels. Deforestation, air pollution, unsustainable agricultural practices leading to poor soil quality, desertification, biodiversity loss, chemical contamination of ground water & lakes, climate change are all leading to a slow but certain death of our blue planet. What is more important than ensuring quality of life for this and future generations?

Ar Enviro Trips™, we believe that teaching our students about sustainability has never been more important. We are excited to offer a 3/4 day student focused, high impact field trip conducted in the ecologically sensitive Western Ghats that develops the knowledge, values and world views required to make certain that there’s enough for everyone, forever.

This theme based and curriculum linked outdoors learning program aims to provide students with an understanding of the key issues and on the urgency of protecting natural environments and creating an ecologically and socially just world through informed action. Our students will get a first-hand exposure to some key issues like

• Ecological footprint of individuals, communities and countries
• Need for sustainable development
• Unsustainable tourism and its impact on sensitive areas
• Intensive farming and its impact on human health and soil
• Human activity & ground water contamination
• Deforestation and its impact
• Relevance of native knowledge in creating a sustainable World
• and many more……..

Sustainability curriculum of this field trip develops the following capabilities, skills and knowledge for 21st century learners:

• Critical thinking, refection, evaluation and positive values
• Optimism, hope and resilience
• Connection to nature
• Opportunity to act in ways that contribute to a prosperous, sustainable and socially just society

We look forward to engaging your students in this challenging and inspiring field trip

Clean Energy options

Clean Energy options

Green farming

Green farming

Enviro Trips Sustainability & Soil

Students learning the basics of organic farming techniques

Agricultural farms pushign into forest lands

Agricultural farms gradually  taking over  forest lands

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