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SUPW projects by AS level students

Our students with Alu Kurumbas from Nilgiris

 One Earth Foundation organized a Socially Useful & Productive Work (SUPW) excursion to the ecologically and culturally sensitive region of Nilgiris for AS level students from Bangalore.   An enthusiastic group of 30+ students with the support of their senior teachers decided to undertake 2 projects over a period of 3 days and headed out to One Earth Foundation’s base camp in Coonoor (Nilgiris).

The first project was to learn about the Alu Kurumbas tribe of the Nilgiris and understand the challenges faced by this Primitive Tribal Group (PTG).  The team split in 2 groups and visited an Alu Kurumbas village in the middle ranges of the Nilgiris over 2 days and conducted various surveys, engaged in a tribal art workshop and learnt about forest medicine.  Intensive study was conducted with regards to dwellings, water supply and quality, access paths to village, medical facilities, etc and our students came up with some  interesting findings.

The second project was to review and understand the PUMS (Panchayat Union Middle Schools) system in the hill regions of Nilgiris.  A very “special” school was short listed by One Earth foundation for this study as most of the students were orphans.  Our visiting students interacted closely with the staff, local community and students of the PUMS school.

The information and data gathered through surveys and interactions will be used by our students to understand the special needs of these people and to see how they can contribute and assist in making a sustainable difference to their lives.  We wish all our AS students the very best and hope to see them back in the Nilgiris soon.

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