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Thank you for your support

Picnic on 29th Sept. at Sims Park, Coonoor

Project Umeed

One Earth foundation and young residents of Mercy Home (an orphanage), Coonoor would like to extend their heartfelt gratitude to all our friends, participating schools and students who have expressed their best wishes and come forward to lend a helping hand with their generous contributions.  We value your support for our project Umeed and it makes a tremendous difference to the daily lives of the 14 abandoned or orphaned children of this home.

For our new readers, Mercy Home is run by a pastor and his wife who share their small 2 bedroom house with 14 children. One Earth Foundation and all our friends try and support this dedicated effort in whatever way we can.  We seek your continued support.  The children in this home are from the ages of 4 till 12 and any contributions like shoes, toiletries, sweaters, inner wear, clothes, note books, rations, financial donations, etc are all very welcome.

We organized a day out with our children on 28th Sept., 2011 and had a great time.

Who wants to go out for a picnic?

Sims Park at Coonoor

Children's Park

Boating was great fun

One the swings

Learning about plants

A hearty lunch after the picinc

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  1. Really great work… I think lot of people should come together to such a good work for the poor and needy.. We must give back to the society and help these needy people… Gives a lot of satisfaction

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