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The Wetlands of Chilka, its community & migratory birds: A study trip

The boats of Chilka wetlands

Chilka lake in Odisha state  is the largest brackish water lake in Asia and the second largest of its kind in the world.  The lake and its northern  wetlands play host to hundreds of thousands of migratory birds each winter that fly in from Siberia and Central Asia.  Till mid 1990’s the local folk captured and sold migratory birds that were being widely consumed in the region.  Surveys conducted during that period suggested a rapid decline in the migratory bird population.  In 1994 a group of young men started a trust to provide protection to the visiting birds and to try and convince local folk not to harm them.  A daunting task with little support from outside, the group successfully changed mindsets and  converted a largely poaching community to those that protected.

Fishermen in Chilka wetlands

One Earth Foundation team members recently conducted a study tour of the region to learn about the nature of conservation efforts &  to draw lessons for similar initiatives in the  Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve.

The Wetlands

OEF Sunrise over teh wetlands of Chilka

OEF: Fishermen laying nets

OEF: The Jetty

OEF: The vast wetlands

The Wetlands Community

OEF: A village home in Mangalajodi - Chilka

OEF: A basket weaver in Chilka

OEF: Boat building in Chilka

OEF: Fishermen repairing their nets

OEF: A fisherman and his family

OEF: The Village

OEF: A lady drying the mornings catch

Some Birds of Chilka Wetlands

PRF: Northern Pintail

ORF: Purple Moorhens

OEF: Egret

OEF: Bronze winged Jacana


OEF: Black winged stilt


One Earth Foundation works towards the conservation and preservation of the immense natural and cultural wealth of the Nilgiris region in South India.  For additional information, please contact

Raminder Chowdhary


OEF: The Study Group - from left Rajiv Kalia, Raminder Chowdhary, Anoop Sharma & Pukhraj Chug

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