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Traditional Knowledge & Tribes of Nilgiris

Educational Field Trips to understand, explore and take positive action to revive dying traditional knowledge systems of the tribes of Nilgiris

Over thousands of years, indigenous people around the world have lived in harmony with nature, accepted its supremacy, learned through trial, error and observation and developed vast and varied knowledge systems and expertise in areas like medicine, arts & crafts, construction, customary law, farming, etc.  Stored in the memories of elders, healers. midwives, farmers, hunters, carpenters, etc is an enormous trove of wisdom.

Over the past few centuries, western science with its analytical tools have come to dominate and unwittingly unleashed a cultural holocaust of unprecedented proportions.  These attitudes have been humbled by the disastrous mismanagement of our planets environment and scientists are beginning to recognize the significance of Traditional Knowledge Systems and wisdom that rest with indigenous communities

The Nilgiris (South India) are home to 6 Primitive Tribal Groups (PTG’s).  Unplanned development encroaches on their land and traditions.  Livelihood challenges forces them to abandon their traditional homes.  There is a compelling need to restore the respect for traditional knowledge and learning and to preserve tribal wisdom.  One Earth Foundation is actively working towards these objectives.  We seek your involvement to help us reach out to tribal communities and preserve their ancient wisdom and methods.


One Earth Foundation works towards the conservation and preservation of the immense natural and cultural wealth of the Nilgiris region in South India.  For additional information, please contact

Raminder Chowdhary


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