Youth as Changemakers

Youth Changemakers for a Planet in Peril

In our rapidly changing world with complex social, cultural, and environmental issues – it becomes imperative that educators and policymakers equip the youth with the right mindsets and skills. The ability to connect with key issues, understand their complex nature and dynamic form, assimilate and respect different perspectives, work collectively on lasting and sustainable solutions, and most importantly, foster a feeling of custodianship among the youth should be the key pillars of any educational system.
If change is what we are looking for, then we need to nurture changemakers from an early age.

At Enviro Trips – an initiative of One Earth Foundation, we passionately believe that education should connect youth to the world around them, providing context and insight into today’s most pressing issues. In every student, we see a changemaker, a future custodian, and most of all hope – and take upon ourselves the responsibility to equip them with sensibilities to comprehend the complex nature of the issues that they will need to deal with and skills to collectively find sustainable solutions.

Our curriculum-aligned, theme-based day outdoors and travel programs combine high academic standards with interdisciplinary, project-based learning. Through travel, we aim to
Explore the key social, cultural, and environmental issues of our times
Connect & sensitize youth with the pressing social issues, rapidly disappearing cultural heritage of communities, and the threatened natural wealth of our planet
Equip future custodians with the skills needed to solve complex, dynamic issues and
Impact social and ecological environments positively through collective thinking and practical solutions.

Enviro Trips, over the past decade, has engaged 9000+ students from rural areas in its day outdoor programs and 8000+ urban students in travel programs exploring key issues like:
–  The farming crisis in developing countries
–  Biodiversity loss – an age of extinction
–  Our way of living and Climate Crisis
–  Intensive farming to feed an exploding population
–  Ancient Communities & Traditional knowledge
–  TKS and relevance for today’s issues
–  Habitat loss and man-animal conflicts
–  Livelihoods & Urbanization in developing nations
–  Degradation & deforestation – our planet in peril
–  The complex nature of Gender inequality
and many more…….

Our travel itineraries explore “Off The Map” indigenous communities and the last remaining pristine forests and water bodies. Once immersed in this unique world, students are encouraged to come together as teams and explore the diverse facets of complex social, cultural, and environmental problems. Collective thinking and solution finding are encouraged. Every voice is heard, each thought is valued and any action taken has an impact – this is the mantra we instill in young minds.

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